Lominger has made several of the most popular products from The LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® Suite available online. Designed for unassisted use by individuals, all you need is a credit card or contact the to set up a corporate account to take advantage of the strength and power of these easy-to-use products:

Information on each product is provided below, or visit the Lominger Website for more information.

Success Profile Architect lets you create unique competency profiles for jobs in your organization using our pre-loaded research and expert-based profiles as building blocks. The tool can be used in conjunction with the Interview Architect Online Software or as a stand-alone subscription product.

Create your own competency profiles

A Web-based subscription tool, Success Profile Architect lets users merge multiple research or expert profiles to estimate competency models that can be used for individuals, jobs, roles, teams or organizations.

Success Profile Architect can also be used:

  • To develop profiles to serve as the foundation for interview guides for selection processes and various other applications
  • To create draft and final competency profiles with groups like expert panels, subject matter experts, leaders, incumbents, etc.
  • For in-house practitioners who are asked to draft profiles for key jobs, assignments or other executive development activities
  • To store organizational competency profiles
  • For sophisticated coaching applications
  • For succession planning and "assignmentology" (SPA can be used to determine the most likely competencies a potential job might require and which ones would be useful for developing a high potential)

Applications Training

Although certification is not required to purchase this tool, we do offer instruction in its use if you purchase Success Profile Architect as a stand-alone subscription product. If you purchase both Success Profile Architect and Interview Architect Online Software, you will be trained in its use at the certification(required) for Interview Architect. (See the Events and Courses section of our Web site for more information.)

Please refer to the Lominger website for up to date pricing and terms.


Build an interview guide in three easy steps with The INTERVIEW ARCHITECT® Online Software Designed to help managers and human resource professionals streamline interviews, The Interview Architect® Online Software features customizable, competency-based interview templates in a three-step, easy-to-use format. Read more about the online features and special introductory pricing.

Customizable, competency-based interview templates

designed to help managers and human resource professionals streamline interviews, Interview Architect Professional Online features customizable, competency-based interview templates in an easy-to-use format.

The software can be used:

  • By internal recruiters and/or human resources professionals who coordinate recruiting and selection processes
  • By line managers with an interviewing need (to create interview guides for positions they have available)
  • To store organizational interview guides (since the tool is Web-based, multiple users in an organization have access to the interview templates whenever they need them)
  • For internal/external selection purposes (including training supervisors/managers on what to look for when they're selecting candidates to fit certain job roles or competency models)
  • For new supervisor/manager interviewer training (to help hiring managers learn how to effectively conduct interviews with potential employees)

Applications Training

Certification is required to purchase Interview Architect Professional Online. (See the Events and Courses section of our Web site for more information.) Note: If you also subscribe to Success Profile ArchitectTM Online Software (SPA), users of the Interview Architect® Online Software will be able to access job profiles from SPA to use as the starting point for interview templates.

INTERVIEW ARCHITECT® Has Two Online Options:


Please refer to the Lominger website for up to date pricing and terms.

INTERVIEW ARCHITECT® Professional Online

Please refer to the Lominger website for up to date pricing and terms.


FYI For Your Improvement™ Plans Online
A complete and easy-to-use development and coaching tool for lifelong improvement, FYI For Your Improvement™ features thousands of tips for developing any of the Leadership Architect Competencies, Stallers and Stoppers, and Performance Management Architect Dimensions.

A development and coaching guide for learners, supervisors, managers, mentors, and feedback givers

Designed for use by any motivated person with a development need-at any level: individual contributor, manager, or executive-FYI For Your Improvement™ is the result of over 50 years of research and experience. To use FYI, all you have to do is select the competency that needs improvement, customize the content you want to include, and printo your personalized development plan. Information included on each competency:

  • A definition-An unskilled "before" picture, a skilled "after" picture and an overuse definition (using a skill too much)
  • Some causes-Reasons why this need has occurred
  • A map-Why the competency is important
  • Some remedies-10 or more tips/remedies for building the competency (Although a few are longer term, most are things you can start working on today)
  • New ways to deal with a development need-We've added new approaches for tackling development needs including substitution options (substitute something else for lack of the skill such as using a strength to attack a weakness) and workaround strategies (to neutralize the weakness by deploying another option such as finding someone else to stand in for you when the weakness is in play)
  • Book and audiotape suggestions--Each of the 96 chapters in FYI 4th Edition has four to 20 sources for further reading or listening
  • Quotes-Each competency now includes two relevant quotes that may prompt inspiration, reflection and motivation
  • Capability to personalize the tips
  • Add notes to any section of content

Seven international competency areas

As a result of reading international management literature and through the authors' own research and experience, seven international competency areas were added to FYI. The international chapters include competencies that are critical for success in global environments like cross cultural sensitivity or global business knowledge and humility, a skill critical for success in Asian cultures.


While certification isn't required to purchase this tool, Lominger offers several applications courses and training events (including a VOICES® application training session and a Leadership Architect 101: Understanding Competencies Workshop) that many find very useful. (See the Events and Courses section of our Web site for more information.)

Please refer to the Lominger website for up to date pricing and terms.